Linked INNYC-Women Of The World              1st Edition

Linked INNYC-Women Of The World 1st Edition

ART is worth sharing

Art exhibition for female artists 

In our history of 26 years in the arts, female artists certainly have been a small scale of the art market. Not because there are not sufficient remarkable women artists, but because they are not being taken seriously with the essential importance.
It is the main reason we had the initiative in 2020 to create a clever moment to exhibit under the title of Linked INNYC-Women Of The World. An exhibition exclusively revealing female artists in the painting category. Linked INNYC-Women Of The World, 1st Edition was born due to all-female artists asking continuously for representation throughout the social media LinkedIn. Therefore, we opened an art window for you. Art enthusiasts & collectors in New York City firstly will notice your name and artwork. 
Finally, if you are a passionate self-taught, or educated artist, it is your time to be a female protagonist in the Arts. Raise your voice, and express yourself!

Due to a few global issues affecting the artists registering around the globe, we have no dates yet for the opening of this exhibit. However, we are aiming for the first semester of 2023.                                                                                                 The reason this application remains open as we do not have a deadline.  

Together, we are visible in the art market. In the meantime, we are working to promote you on all social media and provide you with one-on-one interviews titled “Short Stories” on our youtube platform. Eventually, we will keep you informed of any updates as time progresses.

We are persistent in pursuing our goal, Linked INNYC-Women Of The World.                                                                                  In the meantime, KEEP SAFE l CONTINUE CREATING.

Fill out the online application form to take part in the “Linked INNYC-Women Of The World” project, which will take place in NYC. Women artists can only register one (1) small work of art in the category of painting. To register the artwork, the artist must understand all details about the event by clicking “Register now & General Conditions & Terms”, fill out the form entirely, and pay the fee of US$40

Register now | Send the artwork later

The first 50 female artists registered are published on our website, as promised.

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