Zayra Morales

Photographs – D’maniqui wine collection

Zayra Morales is born on the tropical island of Puerto Rico.

Morales finished her BA as journalist and photographer at the University of Puerto Rico, later she moved to Miami to do the Master in Investigative Journalism, and has been living in Miami for 17 years now.

She started in the arts since she was a child. Today she combines her abilities in dance, photography, text, video, and design to express her “crazy thoughts” as life’s metaphor.

Her contemporary languages of fantasy, game, and desire, are composed with great colors, fancy dresses, intoxicating places, toys, plants, and real characters. In her way, Morales freezes time with these dramatic scenes taking us on a unique journey.

Morales took her first photograph when she was 17 years old and her first solo exhibition was  “D’Maniquí” on 2005 in Miami. Some of her known series are “Self Portraits”, “Flowers are not flowers”, “Twisted Love”, “Wrestling Women”, “Barbie Got a Message” and “The Brides in Escape”.

Morales’s art has been exhibited in cities such as Miami, New York, San Juan de Puerto Rico and Antwerp (Belgium).

Collection of 10 photographs

Limited Edition of 7 + 3 artist’s proofs
Sizes : 36 x 24” / 24 x 36”
Digital photograph, printed on metallic photo paper /
face mounted to plexiglass
Signed and numbered (on the verso)