Alexandre Frangioni

Tridimensional works – EXODUS series


Alexandre Frangioni builds connections between societies, their historical values and time, through memory. He uses materials, images and symbolic objects, which are direct and easy to identify. Through his work the artist discusses principles and how they become related as time goes by. For instance, with the partition of time, even though time continues uninterrupted.

The “Exodus” series presents artworks that explore the monetary values through their meanings of accumulation and transformation, revealing their ways taken and the impacts caused by society over time. The use of symbols, such as piggy banks and the Charging Bull, proposes to the society new ways of perception regarding financial stability and its possible risks caused by the capitalist culture and the so-called American way of life.

The importance of the featured artworks goes beyond a simple proposal of three- dimensional objects. The skill by the artist challenges the observer to detect a concrete narrative as they seem to compose an impossible track that continuously instigates the spectator.

Frangioni’s vision is not just a position but it is especially an attitude in the face of the connections between memory, time, money, and the real importance of the human being. Frangioni was born in 1967 in São Paulo, Brazil where he currently lives and works. He graduated in Chemical Engineering in 1989 and began his career as a self-taught artist. Later he deepened his studies under the guidance of the artist Joao Carlos de Souza.

Since 2016, Frangioni takes part in international art fairs in USA, Brazil, Argentina and Peru. His works have also been featured in important museums around Brazil, such as Museu de Arte Contemporanea de Ribeirao Preto (MARP), Museu de Arte de Goiania (MAG), Museu de Arte Contemporanea de Mato Grosso (MARCO) and Museu de Arte Contemporanea de Blumenau (MAC Blu). Others include, Museu Luiz Sacilotto em Santo Andre (Casa do Olhar), Museu de Arte Contemporanea de Jatai (MAC Jatai) and Pinacoteca Benedito Calixto (Santos).

His work was featured at ART New York 2019, as well as other shows, like “Prelocaçao” and “o desejo do outro”, both in Sao Paulo. His works are part of private and public collections, such as AAL – Arte Al Limite, Museu de Arte Contemporanea de Campo Grande and Renata Paula.