Iris Burchi


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Iris Burchian abstract female painter, was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and lives and works in Mexico. She expresses herself with a passive contemplation observing the surroundings. She firmly believes everything is energy, vibrations, and changes. Her relationship with the canvas is intimate and personal. For her, painting is the space and time of a dialogue between reflection and instinct. It is a refuge where she observes the emotional world around her. Her search for beauty rests in the spontaneous, and her creativity is motivated by the concept of the infinite, making every painting an adventure in which anything is possible and where seeing herself is inevitable.

Her artwork has little to do with creating or expressing.

It is the path she travels to reinvent herself. She explores different ways of realizing her sensibility and voice to feel the magnitude of freedom. Her artistic orientation is towards sound, vibration, and the relationship between energy and emotions in the existential dynamic.

Each of her paintings captures vibrations of an intermediate temporal space, feelings, thoughts, senses, and emotions that vanish like the sound in the wind when painting.

Since 1999 she is exploring the harmony and balance of divergent expressions of life and emotions, appointing her as a remarkable abstract female painter. Her thinking deeply influenced by Michelangelo, Balthus and Kandinsky, drove her in 2004 to her first exhibition in Caracas, THE ART OF SILENCE.

Then, she mentored Felipe Romero, Rafael Silverio, and Alexi Rojas of the Marapa Archaeological Museum, in Edo. Vargas, Venezuela. During this period, rock art and lithic painting captured her attention, and the use of natural pigments along with acrylic was highlighted in her artwork.

In 2006 through a second exhibition, “Without Limits”, two of her paintings disappeared, immersing her in a state of solitude and deep questioning.

Nine years later, in 2015, she exhibited twenty paintings in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico, where she currently resides and works.

She accomplished 26 acrylic paintings in 2018, Polaridades, Integrando, and Parts as an unalloyed celebration of emotions and colors, showing every one of the paintings as a living entity, one that lives in non-stop vibration inside of us and it expands in the immensity of the unknown.